Academic Science Publications and Distributions

International Review of Fuzzy Mathematics (IRFM) 

ISSN: 0973-4392 

Vol. 3 No. 1 (June, 2018)

     1.      Fuzzy Ideals with Operators In BCC-algebras 

Author: Young Bae Jun & Seok Zun Song                    DOWNLOAD


     2.      Fuzzy Quotient Space of a Vector Space

Author: Tazid Ali                  


     3.      Fuzzy Ideals of Pseudo MV-algebras

Author: Young Bae Jun & Andrzej Walendziak          DOWNLOAD



     4.      RT-Submodules in Fuzzy Setting

Author: Surajit Borkotokey            DOWNLOAD



     5.      L-Fuzzy Topologies and l-Fuzzy Quasi-Uniform Spaces

Author: Yong Chan Kim & Jung Mi Ko