Academic Science Publications and Distributions

Journal of Business Management 

ISSN: 0975-5823

Vol. 2 No. 1 (June, 2016)



1.       Global financial crisis and the changing geography and industrial composition of large, listed companies: evidence on China’s ascent
Author: McIver, R. P.

2.       Industries leverage and structural development of the Baltic States’ economies
Author: Braslins, G., Orlovs, A., Braukša, I.


3.       The problem of choice of leverage: example of Polish firms
Author: Boguszewski, P., Lissowska, M.


4.       Outsourcing of software development: changes for management
Author: Vasiljeva, T.


5.       Immunised quasi-arbitrage
Author: Jaunzems, A.


6.       Human capital in commercial banks: development trends and problems of management in the unstable economic conditions
Author: Konovalova, N., Rozgina, L., Zelgalve, E.


7.       Social representations of creativity among Latvian entrepreneurs: from cognitive to behavioural aspect
Author: Zakrizevska, M., Bulatova J.


8.       Potential for the Latvian-Turkish economic cooperation: the case study of road haulage sector
Author: Jasjko, D., Baltause, L., Pancenko, E., Ivanova, T.


9.       The assessment of opportunities and assumptions of the Croatian health tourism development
Author: Peršić, M., Jankovic, S.