Academic Science Publications and Distributions

Journal of Business Management 

ISSN: 0975-5823

Vol. 1 No. 1 (June, 2015)


1.   Importance of Different Perspectives in Integrated Performance Measurement Systems

Author: Aleksandra Šobota, Darja Peljhan (Slovenia).



2.   Firm Performance, Corporate decision and the Role of Managerial Optimism – the Case of Creece: Literature Review and Methodology

Alexandra Tsinani (Greece), Prof. Željko Šević, and Prof. Dimitrios Maditinos (UK).



3.  A Study of Innovation Based it Convergence as a Strategic Roadmap to Business Performance Acceleration for High End it Vengors: an Insight to the Dynamic Interactive TV Market

Author: Sofia Veneti, Prof. Dimitrios I. Maditinos, and Prof. Željko Ševič (UK).



4.   Does Financial Performance Have an Impact on Corporate Sustainability and CSR Disclosure? A Case of Croatian Companies.

Neda Vitezić, Tina Vuko, and Barbara Mörec (Croatia).


5.   The Role of Accounting in Measuring Efficiency in Public Education: A Literature Review

Author: Vanja Vitezić (Croatia), Barbara Mörec, and Metka Tekavčič (Slovenia).



6.   Accounting Measurement of Long-Lived Assets:A Case Study of Impairment Practices

Author: Irina Kuzmina and Ieva Kozlovska (Latvia). 



7.   Impact of Notes to Financial Statements on the Quality of Financial Reporting: Evidence from Croatia and Serbia

Author: Branko Z. Ljutic (Serbia), Sandra Jankovic (Croatia), and Dubravka Vlasic (Croatia).



8.   Efficiency Assessment Tool for Credit Granting Process

Ilmars Purinsh, Toms Reizinsh, Girts Braslinsh, Natalija Svitlika.