Academic Science Publications and Distributions

Journal of Business Management 

Vol. 6 No. 1 (June, 2020)

ISSN: 0975-5823


  1. Exploring the Multigenerational Workforce's Personal and Work Values: the Future Research Agenda

Author: Locmele-Lunova Regina Cirjevskis Andrejs                       DOWNLOAD


  2. The innovation performance of Russian SMEs: the role of internal factors and the external transition context

Author: Kalita Alexander                 


  3. Leaders’ competences for successful leadership of invention and implementation of innovation: a conceptual model

Author: Portnova Ineta Peiseniece Liga                        


  4. Key Features of Sustainable Universities: A Literature review

Author: Labanauskis Rimvydas                          

  5. Integrating Social Entrepreneurs’ Mentoring into Higher Education

Julia Kuznecova , Tatjana Volkova                               DOWNLOAD


  6. The Russian Advertising Market and Relevant Indicators of its development

Author: Trubnikova Nina                          


  7. A Performance Management Framework for Ensuring Organizational Sustainability of Water Utilities in Emerging Markets

Author: Sattarov Murod Volkova Tatjana                           


  8. Visual Creativity in the Learning Environment

Lucija Rutka, Meldra Rudzite, Inguna Romanova           DOWNLOAD

  9. Usage of the AHP method for evaluation of E-Commerce tools to increase
the competence of SML specialists in Latvia

Author: Gudele Ina                            DOWNLOAD