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The International Journal of Nonlinear Dynamics in Engineering and Sciences is a fully refereed international journal, which publishes original research papers and survey articles in all subjects relevant to Dynamical Systems, nonlinear sciences and analytical and numerical solution. The highest priority will be given to those contributions which discuss practical problems, the establishment of nonlinear dynamic models, the determination of a solution, approximate or exact, analytical or numerical development of the results to the real-life problems. Manuscripts which discuss new analytical techniques for new nonlinear problems in different fields of science and engineering are also encouraged. Some topics in detail to be covered are:


1. Modern Theory of Dynamical Systems.

2. Analytical and Numerical Analysis of Dynamical Systems.

3. Haimiltonian and Lagrangian Dynamics.

4. Instabilities in Dynamical Systems.

5. Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations.

6. Numerical Simulation of new Non-linear problems.

7. New Analytical Techniques for Applied DEs and PDEs.

Although the journal concentrates mainly on the applications side, review articles dealing with establishment of nonlinear models, new numerical or analytical techniques, with potential for wider application to real-life problems, are invited by the Editor, and will be published from time to time.



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Suggested reviewers: Do you have the contact details (including e-mail addresses) of potential reviewers for your paper? These should be experts in your field of study, who will be able to provide objective assessment of the manuscript quality. Any pree reviewers you suggest should not be member of the same research institution.


Manuscript files: Do you have all the files for the manuscript in an acceptable format? Main manuscript One plain MS Word file all figures and tables embedded in the

should be submitted. Characters and numbers used within the figures and tables should not be smaller than those used in the text. Please do not use any style. PDF file is also acceptable at the start. MS Word file is, however necessary after acceptance of the paper. Figure files: High quality hue drawings and photographs with JPEG. BMP or Tiff formats may requested after acceptance of the paper.


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