Academic Science Publications and Distributions

International Journal of Ubiquitous Computing

Vol. 1 No. 2 (December, 2015)

  1. Data Storage on a RFID Tag for a Distributed System 

 Author: Sarita Pais1and Judith Symonds, Whitireia Community Polytechnic


  2. SESSAMO: Session Mobility for Video Streaming Applications 

Author: Mohammed BOUTABIA, Luis Rojas CARDENAS and Hossam AFIFI


  3. Practical Attacks on a RFID Authentication Protocol Conforming to EPC C-1 G-2 Standard 

Author: MohammadHassan Habibi, Mahmud Gardeshi1 and Mahdi R. Alaghband


  4.  Information Selection and Delivery Algorithm for Delivering Advertisements Suitable for the Pedestrians Present at a Particular Site 

 Author: Koichi Matsuoka, Nobuo Katou, Shigeo Dejima and Kazumasa Takami



  5. CDTOM: A Context-driven Task-oriented Middleware for Pervasive Homecare Environment 

Author: Hongbo Ni, Bessam Abdulrazak, Daqing Zhang and Shu Wu