Academic Science Publications and Distributions



1. On S-orthogonal Matrices

Authors: P.S. Korde and P.B. Khanale               Full PDF



2. Ranking Method of Fuzzy Numbers on Analysis of Equilibrium

Authors: Pooja Sharma and Pawan Bhadana                          Full PDF



3. L(3, 2, 1)-Labeling of Wheel Graphs

Authors: Rakesh Joshi, Satish Kumar and S.K. Mohapatra         Full PDF



4, Finite Element Model to Study Calcium Diffusion in Neuron Cell in Presence of Excess Buffer for

One Dimensional Steady State

Authors: S.V. Koratkar and S.A. Takale              Full PDF




5. Common Fixed Point Theorem of Four Mappings Satisfying Weak Contractive Condition

Authors: S.Venkateswalu, B. Rambupal Reddy and R. Sivaprasad                 Full PDF


6. A Nonparametric Search Algorithm for Local Outliers and Hubs using Minimum Spanning Tree

Authors:Badrinath E. Ghonge and Kirtiwant P. Ghadle             Full PDF



7. Results on Certain Subclasses Related to the Complex Order

 Authors:Mita Darbari and S.S. Rana                Full PDF



8. Finite Difference Analysis of Magneto Hydrodynamic Fluid in a Vertical Channel with Plane

Poiseuille and Couette Flows

Authors:S. Venkateswalu, B.                       Full PDF