Academic Science Publications and Distributions






1. Flexural Vibration of Piezolaminated Multilayer Solid Cylinder

Authors: V.K. Nelson and E.S. Nehru                 Full PDF


2. On-Chip Communication Synthesis: A Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Approach

Authors: Rabindra Ku. Jena and Gopal K. Sharma               Full PDF


3. A Numerical Scheme to Solve Nonlinear Stochastic Differential Equation

Authors: Omid. S. Fard               Full PDF


4. On Vertex Subset Degree Preserving Spanning Trees

Authors: R. Anitha and K. Sangavai            Full PDF


5. Artificial Neural Network Modelling of the surface Ozone Concentration

Authors: L. S. Iliadis, S.I. Spartalis, A. K. Paschalidou and P. Kassomenos    Full PDF


6. Optimizing The Performance-Based Reliability For Computer Networks By Using Fuzzy

Optimization With Genetic Algoritms

Authors: M. R. Girgis, A. Younes and M. R. Hassan          Full PDF


7. An Analytical Study of Telegraph Reaction Diffusion Equation

Authors: E.S. Fahmy            Full PDF


8. A Reliable Approach for Solving Linear and Nonlinear Sixth-order Boundary Value


Authors: Muhammad Aslam Noor and Syed Tauseef Mohyud-Din     Full PDF


9. A New Variant of Newton’s Methods with Fourthorder Convergence

Authors: Keyvan Amini         Full PDF