Academic Science Publications and Distributions





1. A Comparative Performance of Swarm Intelligence Optimization Method and Evolutionary

Optimization Method on Some Noisy Numerical Benchmark TestProblems

Authors: Sanjeev Kumar Singh and Munindra Borah        Full PDF


2. Cryptography with Cellular Automata

Authors: Mahmoud M. H. Gabr, Yasser F. Hassan & Khaled Mohamed Mohamed  Full PDF


3. An Order Level Inventory Model for Perishable Items with Stock Dependent Demand and

Partial Backlogging

Authors: Ravinder Kumar Arya, S.R. Singh and S.K. Shakya        Full PDF


4. Two Dimensional Thermal Distribution Model in Dermal Layers of Elliptical Shaped

Human Limbs Involving a Uniformly Perfused Tumor

Authors: Mamta Agrawal, Neeru Adlakha and K.R. Pardasani          Full PDF


5. Some Characteristics on s-normal Matrices

Authors: S. Krishnamoorthy and R. Vijayakumar          Full PDF


6. Human Hidden Emotion Identification Techniques with Multi-Feature Face Recognition


Authors: Mukesh T. Patel and D. C. Joshi             Full PDF


7. MinCutContraction: Solving Edge Connectivity Problem using Graph Contraction

Authors: Ford Lumban Gaol and Belawati H. Widjaja         Full PDF


8. Nonstandard Analysis of Shock Wave in a Non-ideal Magnetogasdynamics

Authors: Mithilesh Singh, L.P. Singh and Akmal Husain           Full PDF


9. Two-warehouse Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Shortages under Inflation

and Time-value of Money

Authors: S. R. Singh, Neeraj Kumar and Rachna Kumari        Full PDF