Academic Science Publications and Distributions

International Journal of Environmental Sciences

ISSN: 2229-7359

1. Pesticide Resistant Bacterial Strain

Author: Osama el gialani elsaid, Azhari Omer Abdelbagi              DOWNLOAD

2. Groundwater quality assessment based on entropy weighted osculating value method

Author: LI Peiyue, WU Jianhua, QIAN Hui                                               DOWNLOAD

3. Removal of nickel, copper, zinc and chromium from synthetic and industrial wastewater by electrocoagulation 

Author: Konstantinos Dermentzis  , Achilleas Christoforidis            DOWNLOAD

4. Beneficial effect of chitosangpolyacrylamide copolymer in removal of heavy metals from industrial dye effluents

Author: Z. Ansar Ali 1 , Jayachandran Venkatesan     DOWNLOAD