Academic Science Publications and Distributions

International Journal of Environmental Sciences

ISSN: 2229-7359

1. Residual Effect of Zinc and Boron on Growth and Yield of French bean(Phaseolus vulgaris L.)-Rice(Oryza sativa L.) Cropping system

Author(s)- Aparna Hamsa, Puttaiah.E.T

2. Analysis of water quality using physico-chemical parameters in lower manair reservoir of Karimnagar district, Andhra Pradesh

Author(s)- Medudhula.Thirupathaiah et al

3. Performance of mixture of vegetable wastes with high carbohydrate content in anaerobic digestion process

Author(s)- Dhanalakshmi Sridevi.V, Alwar Ramanujam.R 

4. Effect of different soil samples on morphometric and physico-chemical characters of Bacopa Monnieri (l.) Pennell

Author(s)- Gurav A.M et al 

5. Spectrophotometric determination of iron in water samples using 3-Hydroxy Benzyl Amino Benzoic acid

Author(s)- Kiran. K 

6. Organic agriculture: Way towards sustainable development

Author(s)- Aher Satish B et al