Academic Science Publications and Distributions

International Journal of Environmental Sciences

ISSN: 2229-7359

1. Assessment and Spatial Distribution of Quality of Groundwater in Zone-II and III, Greater Visakhapatnam, India Using Water Quality Index (WQI) and GIS

Author(s)- Swarna Latha.P , Nageswara Rao.K 

2. The Effect of Pure and Mixed Plantations of Robinia Pseudoacasia and Pinus Eldarica on Traffic Noise Decrease

Author(s)- Maleki K,Hosseini S. M, Nasiri P 

3.Surface activity of extracellular products of a Pseudomonas aeruginosa 
isolated from petroleum-contaminated soil

Author(s)- Anyanwu, Chukwudi U. 

4. Energy elevation and economic analysis of canola production in Iran a case 
study: Mazandaran province

Author(s)- A. Taheri-Garavand, A. Asakereh, K. Haghani

5. Relationship between peroxidase and catalase with metabolism and environmental factors in Beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky)   in three different elevations

Author(s)- R. Zolfaghari , S. M. Hosseini , S. A. A. Korori

6.Drinking water quality management through correlation studies among various physico-chemical parameters: A case study

Author(s)- Navneet Kumar, D.K. Sinha 

7.Participatory approach for socially and Environmentally Sustainable Modernisation of Existing Irrigation and Drainage Schemes in India

Author(s)-Sanjay S. Phadnis,Mukul Kulsreshtha,Meenal Phadnis