Academic Science Publications and Distributions

International Journal of Environmental Sciences

ISSN: 2229-7359


1. GIS Study on Vulnerability Assessment of Water Quality in a Part of Cauvery River 
Author(s)- S.Hema, T.Subramani, L.Elango 

2. Environmental Performance Studies on Educational Institutions 

Author(s)- R.Gobinath, K.Rajeshkumar N.Mahendran 

3. Techniques, tools and methods to determine coastal morphologic evolution & management for ‘coasts in crisis’ in ‘the state of kuwait’

Author(s)- Saji Baby 

4. Groundwater contamination due to municipal solid waste disposal- A GIS based study in Erode city

Author(s)- N.Rajkumar, T.Subramani L.Elango 

5. Modified EIA for small and medium projects – An effective method to make the projects Eco –friendly

Author(s)- B.Ganeshkumar, R.Gobinath , N.Prabhakaran , K.Rajeshkumar